“We already had the soft cover, and your hard cover book came this afternoon. The dog on the cover looks like my son’s Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, Deuce.
My great nephew (who turns 2 in May) has two favorite books, one of which is Who Loves the Farm?. He loves to carry around his “tractor book.”How Fun It Is!!!” 
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"Your website looks quite nice!"


 “We just got Who Loves the Farm? today and already have read it a few times! 
Our 4-year old boy loves the farm animals and our Kindergartner (who turns 6 on Sunday) read a lot of it herself. She can take it to school, since they spend a lot of time studying the title and author of each book! We will get a lot of use out of your book - excellent job. We love the NE references, too! What a fun way to kick off 2010!”  T. - Software Engineering Manager


“I’m so impressed with your work. The animation & the content are very sweet and engaging. I know it was a labor of love. The book should be in every kinder and pre-school classroom, libraries, bookstores and Drs. offices, too!” Dr. C. - O.D., F.A.A.O.   

“This is an excellent book to give to a child or grandchild. It is a great way to introduce young children to farm animals.” 
Sue - Life/Career Coach, Author
 “Just to follow up … Our daughter's KG class just started ‘Royal Reader’ and she was the first of just a few kids in the class to do it. They get to sit in their teacher’s chair, wear a crown and read a book to the class ‘teacher style’ (i.e. read and then turn the book to show the pages). Well, she picked Who Loves the Farm?. Not only did she do an excellent job (the only word that she needed help on was crawl), but the other kids loved it as well. She even showed them all the bookmark all about the author (you!). Thanks again for the books!!”
T. - Software Engineering Manager
I loved reading these comments from your readers, it must be so rewarding to get this kind of feedback! My own great-grandparents owned a very large farm (over 100 acres of wheat and orchards), so it is great to see a children’s book connecting young children to iconic farms. The cover illustration reminded me of when I went to visit the old farmstead in their hometown – a very fun summer trip for a 10 year old!”
Hana - Content & Community Manager

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​ "I ordered six books. All but one were for considerably younger boys, and the 4-year old is thoroughly enjoying his, too. Even the 4-month old likes the bright pictures."  MJH - former School Superintendent

"Contributing to Art & Learning in the World!" ~ Danae

"When I took Book 2 to my sister's, everybody liked it, & Johnathan wanted his mom to read it right away to him & Abby on the sofa! Then on New Year's Day, they had fun reading it, learning the new big words & counting by 2's!" 

  A.W. - Former City Council Pres.  

“This book is delightful for young children, as evidenced by my 3-year old grand-angel's reaction when I read it to her. The book lends itself well to the reader, using creativity with the sounds and actions of each "character" for the pre-reader/early reader.      As a nature lover and "farm lover" myself, the additional value of this book is that it will, hopefully, contribute to keeping alive the legacy of the family farm. The family farm, which is being replaced by agribusiness, constitutes a valuable cornerstone to the history of our culture and society.” Dr. Pat - LMFT, Author

"Learning to count has never been so much fun! All of the characters are adorable."

Stephanie S. - Principal          

"You are my favorite children's books author!"

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Who Loves the Farm?


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Who Loves the Farm?
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"It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me. How exciting!"

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"Your books just came ... I was so excited I had to open it to show the mailman!!!!  He was as impressed as I am. Thanks so much! It is so nice and I will cherish it!"

A.W. - Former  City Council Pres.     

"The little ones loved the books when I read to them. They had fun counting! My 9 and 10 year olds enjoyed them, too! It meant a lot that you signed them for me! The little guy .... Thane .... is so cute with the big 'N' on his cap. The books are great!"


"Love the new book! How do you come up with the ideas? Pic of you is cute!" 

​                     Dr. A 

"They really are fun books!"

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"You're amazing! Your website looks really good, fun & user friendly!"

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"We make reading & coloring fun!" ~ Ss 

“Takes kids back to the roots of the farm and the animals. So fun and cute. Kids love this book, & it's a great gift as well!” 
Erin H. - Marketing Director
Simply Real Foods Market (Farm Fresh Food)

“My 3 yr. old grandson loved your book . . . . He loves
When he opened it, I read him a few pages, and he then started 'reading' it himself saying everything I previously said and enjoying that all the animals do this or that and love the farm! I asked him who the little boy was, and he said he was a 'Husker!' He also decided he likes red tractors! He really is interested in "Who Loves the Farm?" . . . He is a bookworm . . .