"We make reading & coloring fun!" ~ Ss 

"Contributing to Art & Learning in the World!" ~ Danae


1. Field Trips

2. Book Signings

3. Classroom Author Day

4. Farm Unit @ School

5. Count by 2's.

6. Role Play.

7. Discuss Elements of a Book: Title, Author,                    

   Setting, Illustrator . . . & their roles. 

8. Discuss the Adjective for each Character: majestic        horses, curious cats, grazing cows, etc. 

9. Go to the beach. Try to find beach animals & things that are in the Coloring Book.​​

10. Go to the animal safari or zoo. Try to find the wild  animals that are in the Coloring Book.​​​

11. Read to a Friend!​ Happy Reading! ​​

12. Put your Tech devices down & have fun coloring with your family & friends!